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Temporary To Hire

By using one of our recruits in a temporary capacity before you hire them on permanently you will reduce turnover and improve your company’s bottom line. We have a very customer friendly conversion policy and want to be your company’s recruiting and placement partner.
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Temporary Placements

We encourage our customers to be as involved as possible with the placement of the employees. We will send resumes for your review and approval or you can do your own interviews if you like or we can just send our people to you directly. Make a call or use our online work order form and let us know what skill set and how many placements you need, when and where, and for how long you need them.

Why Choose Vi-Tel

We Find You The Most Qualified People
We have a relentless drive to find the best candidates available. We conduct a comprehensive interview process to insure we are providing your organization with a high-quality placement.
Recruitment And Interviewing Savings
Your organization will save time and money. You can eliminate the cost of advertising, and paying for drug and background screening. We will save you valuable time by not having to recruiting and interview applicants.
You Get Faster Response
Vi-Tel has access to a pool of skilled and general laborers available. No waiting for ad response, interviewing, and screening processes.
You Pay Us Like A Contractor
We pay the employee their approved hours every week taking out state and federal taxes, matching FICA and paying for their worker comp. and liability insurance. We also take care of the W2’s, child support, garnishments and all of the other menial employer tasks so that you can FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS!

How It Works