Vi-Tel understands your needs

We know that when you require a skilled placement that you are in need of help now and don’t have time to train an unskilled employee; you need a skilled placement that can hit the ground running and help your company meet deadlines and produce quality work on the first day.

Vi-Tel management past experience

The Vi-Tel management team has firsthand experience running projects and the scheduling and deployment of field personnel.

We have been in business since November of 2001. The business was created to offer our customers superior technical personnel at a more affordable rate than our competitors. We are able to offer these savings because of our commitment to a no frills, old fashion, nose to the grindstone approach to filling all of your companies’ personnel recruiting needs.

Our management and recruiting teams are filled with former field techs that have a wealth of onsite technical expertise with a tireless drive to meet any and all of your company's needs. Our staff is dedicated to supplying your company with the right employee with the right skill set for the job at hand.

We are primarily a telecommunication, IT, electrical and general labor recruiting service. We have chosen these fields because the management of our agency has practical experience in these fields.

One of our goals is for our office and sales staff to be able to relate to our customers on a technical level. We therefore consider ourselves assistants to our customer's management team. We can convey to our customer our techs individual skill set, leadership ability and work history from a perspective of having "been in their shoes" so to speak.

"Our business is helping YOUR business"